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At AKB48’s Tokyo Aki Matsuri event, ninth gen. kenkyuusei Yokoyama Yui was promoted to Team K! She’s taking the place of recently graduated member: Ono Erena. This is great news for Team K– Yui was one of (if not the most) popular kenkyuusei.

Personally, I am extremely excited about this! Yui was my second favourite kenkyuusei (only outranked by 10th gen. member Ichikawa Miori) so having her promoted to my favourite team means a lot.

So congrats Yui! You’re an official member now! (Hopefully there shall be some Sakiko/Yui interactions~ oho!)

Also, on the blog side of things: I’ve made a tumblr blog to accompany this one. The tumblr will be merely for photos. Any cute Sakiko pictures I find, I shall put up. The blog is named “Graceful World” & can be found here.


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