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Here is one of the backstage videos from AX 2011! It features Sakiko & Misato! They’re writing down the Team K members & forget one of the girls… hilarity ensues! It’s definitely a must-watch video!


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Sakiko’s Birthday!

Sakiko’s 20th birthday was a few days ago! However, her birthday performance was on the 16th. The LOD can be found here via Youku. Once a torrent becomes available I’ll edit the entry! =D

The performance is amazing! There are a lot of cute Sakiko moments! & there’s plenty of Sakiko screen time. I was worried after seeing Kana’s birthday performance months back, because she barely had any screen time even though it was her birthday! But Sakiko’s birthday performance was filled with Sakiko. Haha.

A few cute things I found were:
-During AshiKiss: Ayarin & Sakiko have a cute moment
-During Hoshizora: Moeno & Sakiko have a cute moment
-During her birthday speech, she brings Haruu to the front & announces that it’s her birthday. Haruu looks really happy & self-conscious. But adorable. She also apologizes to Sakiko because it’s during Sakiko’s birthday celebration but Sakiko waves it off & they sing to her. Isn’t that adorable?! Sakiko is truly amazing & flawless.

Also, if you’re a MiSakiko fan, you’ll love the interactions they have. Misato is the one that announces it’s Sakiko’s birthday & basically conducts the celebration! The two are also the ones who are at the end of the LOD. I know I enjoyed them. OTP FOREVER!!

So what’re you waiting for?! GO WATCH!! 🙂

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Fanfic: True Colours

Title: True Colours
Pairing: Sakiko/Misato
Rating: G
Word Count: 827
Summary: Sometimes you just can’t bottle it up anymore.
Note: This fic took a little longer than expected & I apologize. I had the beginning and end worked out perfectly, but it took a little while to flesh the story out and connect the dots. I think the end result is cute, though.

Disclaimer: I don’t own AKB48 nor the girls mentioned.


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New layout!

This website is still fairly foreign to me & I’m not familiar with the themes, so I thought I’d check a few of them out. Let me tell you– the differences between WP layouts & LJ layouts are very great. Haha. Give me about 15 minutes & I can whip up some HTML to produce a lovely LiveJournal layout but woah! WP is completely different. I ultimately decided to go with this theme (obviously) & to add some ~spice to the layout, I added a banner. However, WP hates me & I can’t seem to make one to fit the size restrictions. This could also be due to the fact that I haven’t made any graphics in years. When I was about 14~17 I used to make all of my own graphics~ I had Photoshop7, I believe, & whipped out icons & banners like there’s no tomorrow! However, today? Not so much. Aha. But I made due!

So! Here it is~ A lovely new layout for Sa-kisu! ❤ It's nothing too great but… at least it's something, right? Haha.

HERE HAVE THE CUTEST PICTURE OF MISAKIKO (Micha/Sakippe– AKA my new OTP… ALSO ON THE BANNER OF THE NEW LAYOUT!) & a bit of Tomochan on the side.

LOOK, THEY’RE SHARING THE SAME SEAT. B’AWWW. SO CUTE, Y/Y? They are such amazing individuals! Haha. ❤ I'm thinking of writing some fluff!fic of the two~ but… I've been in the AKB fandom for about 10 months now & I've never read a single AKB!fic. I'm not sure if it'd go down that well. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Feedback = amazing, k?

ps; I’ve decided to add a Misakiko category because I HAVE A FEELING THIS BLOG WILL BE HEAVILY FLOODED WITH THE PAIRING IN THE COMING ENTRIES. ORZ. They’re too great.

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