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Chance no Junban

Sa-kisu shall be updated properly from now on! Again, I apologize, IRL has been kicking my butt lately. But I’m now good to go & Sa-kisu will finally be updated like it should be. Regularly!

Chance no Junban is AKB48’s 19th single & is dubbed the “janken” single, as it’s the single with the janken senbatsu. Yes. This means Sakiko!! Here’s the PV promo from AKB48’s official YouTube:

You can find Sakiko at: 0:06 & 0:10.

This single comes in three types: Type A, K & B. Each type has a team song. Type K has, obviously, Team K’s song. Their song is entitled “ALIVE” & is my favourite track off the entire single. Here’s the PV:

The only place I can find Sakiko at is 3:45. Well, you can see her in the dance shots, however, only with a close eye.


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At AKB48’s Tokyo Aki Matsuri event, ninth gen. kenkyuusei Yokoyama Yui was promoted to Team K! She’s taking the place of recently graduated member: Ono Erena. This is great news for Team K– Yui was one of (if not the most) popular kenkyuusei.

Personally, I am extremely excited about this! Yui was my second favourite kenkyuusei (only outranked by 10th gen. member Ichikawa Miori) so having her promoted to my favourite team means a lot.

So congrats Yui! You’re an official member now! (Hopefully there shall be some Sakiko/Yui interactions~ oho!)

Also, on the blog side of things: I’ve made a tumblr blog to accompany this one. The tumblr will be merely for photos. Any cute Sakiko pictures I find, I shall put up. The blog is named “Graceful World” & can be found here.

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New layout!

This website is still fairly foreign to me & I’m not familiar with the themes, so I thought I’d check a few of them out. Let me tell you– the differences between WP layouts & LJ layouts are very great. Haha. Give me about 15 minutes & I can whip up some HTML to produce a lovely LiveJournal layout but woah! WP is completely different. I ultimately decided to go with this theme (obviously) & to add some ~spice to the layout, I added a banner. However, WP hates me & I can’t seem to make one to fit the size restrictions. This could also be due to the fact that I haven’t made any graphics in years. When I was about 14~17 I used to make all of my own graphics~ I had Photoshop7, I believe, & whipped out icons & banners like there’s no tomorrow! However, today? Not so much. Aha. But I made due!

So! Here it is~ A lovely new layout for Sa-kisu! ❤ It's nothing too great but… at least it's something, right? Haha.

HERE HAVE THE CUTEST PICTURE OF MISAKIKO (Micha/Sakippe– AKA my new OTP… ALSO ON THE BANNER OF THE NEW LAYOUT!) & a bit of Tomochan on the side.

LOOK, THEY’RE SHARING THE SAME SEAT. B’AWWW. SO CUTE, Y/Y? They are such amazing individuals! Haha. ❤ I'm thinking of writing some fluff!fic of the two~ but… I've been in the AKB fandom for about 10 months now & I've never read a single AKB!fic. I'm not sure if it'd go down that well. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Feedback = amazing, k?

ps; I’ve decided to add a Misakiko category because I HAVE A FEELING THIS BLOG WILL BE HEAVILY FLOODED WITH THE PAIRING IN THE COMING ENTRIES. ORZ. They’re too great.

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Welcome to Sa-kisu! An AKB48 themed idol blog! As a small introduction, my name is Kenny, but I also go my Kecchan on the internet. (har har ganbarikecchan! /dork) I’m 19, my birthday is 3/13/91 & I’m going to be going to Penn State University in the fall for Japanese. 🙂

My favourite idol is 100% Matsui Sakiko. CHIIMU K SAIKOU! She’s not very popular– in Japan or the US, but I don’t care. She’s amazing. She’s spectacular. She’s. Gah. No words can describe how much I love her. g;ajrigajklfgja. T___T She’s the best. However! I also really like Katayama Haruka & Watanabe Mayu.

So. Yeah. This shall be my blog for all things AKB48. Hopefully you’ll stick around & enjoy~


AW. Look how ~presh.

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