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Just like the two years prior, there will be the AKB48 General Elections this year! What you must do is purchase a copy of their newest single “Everyday, Katyusha” & vote for your favourite member. (Voting instructions come with the single.) Firstly, the single’s track listing:

(Type B – CD/DVD)

1. Everyday, Katyusha (Everyday、カチューシャ) / AKB48
2. Korekara Wonderland (これからWonderland) (アンダーガールズ)
3. (Type-A Exclusive track) Yankee Soul (ヤンキーソウル)
3. (Type-B Exclusive track) Hito no Chikara (人の力) / Undergirls
4. Everyday, Katyusha (off-vocal)
5. Korekara Wonderland (off-vocal)
6. (Type-A Exclusive track) Yankee Soul (off-vocal)
6. (Type-B Exclusive track) Hito no Chikara (off-vocal)

Sakiko is, once again, in UG for this single! So make sure to purchase type B to support her!

Now onto the elections! Last year’s election was the first that Sakiko participated in. However, she did not place. Today, though, the early results were announced & Sakiko… MADE IT! Thus far she ranked #36 (out of 40) with 814 votes. Since this is merely the first day of voting I wouldn’t hold your breath– the changes from now until the end will be very drastic. But it is a very nice thing to see. Hopefully she will place during the actual election! NOW GO OUT & PURCHASE SOME COPIES OF THE SINGLE! & VOTE! For Sakiko! … Please? Ahaha.


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Tokyo Aki Matsuri!

So the Tokyo Aki Matsuri concert is finally out for purchase! (You can find the page here!) Along with the regular concert-fare, there was also a live karaoke event! Sakiko participated in two songs:

-Tonari no Banana with Team B member (& best friend, along with Misato) Suzuki Mariya!

-Anata no Christmas Eve with fellow Team K member (& best friend, along with Mariya) Nonaka Misato!

Tonari was uploaded onto YouTube!

Once Christmas Eve is uploaded, I’ll edit the post with the video!! 😀

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AKB48’s 20th Single

AKB48’s 20th single entitled Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう) comes out on the 16th of February! The tracklisting is such:

1. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう)
2. Guuzen no Juujiro (偶然の十字路)
3. Kiss made no 100 Mile (キスまで100マイル) / MINT (Type A)
3. Area K (エリアK) / DIVA (Type K)
4. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (桜の木になろう) off-vocal
5. Kiss made no 100 Mile (キスまで100マイル) / MINT off-vocal (Type A)
5. Area K (エリアK) / DIVA off-vocal (Type K)

Sakiko is in MINT, of course. But the best thing about this single is that Sakiko actually gets lines in the MINT song this time! Definitely an amazing treat for Sakiko fans. I know I’m super, super, super happy about it. And not only do I adore MINT’s song, I also really like the A-side, as well. In fact it’s my favourite AKB48 A-side! So this single is the best, in my opinion.

Buy Type A for MINT! Support MINT/Sakiko!

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