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Just like the two years prior, there will be the AKB48 General Elections this year! What you must do is purchase a copy of their newest single “Everyday, Katyusha” & vote for your favourite member. (Voting instructions come with the single.) Firstly, the single’s track listing:

(Type B – CD/DVD)

1. Everyday, Katyusha (Everyday、カチューシャ) / AKB48
2. Korekara Wonderland (これからWonderland) (アンダーガールズ)
3. (Type-A Exclusive track) Yankee Soul (ヤンキーソウル)
3. (Type-B Exclusive track) Hito no Chikara (人の力) / Undergirls
4. Everyday, Katyusha (off-vocal)
5. Korekara Wonderland (off-vocal)
6. (Type-A Exclusive track) Yankee Soul (off-vocal)
6. (Type-B Exclusive track) Hito no Chikara (off-vocal)

Sakiko is, once again, in UG for this single! So make sure to purchase type B to support her!

Now onto the elections! Last year’s election was the first that Sakiko participated in. However, she did not place. Today, though, the early results were announced & Sakiko… MADE IT! Thus far she ranked #36 (out of 40) with 814 votes. Since this is merely the first day of voting I wouldn’t hold your breath– the changes from now until the end will be very drastic. But it is a very nice thing to see. Hopefully she will place during the actual election! NOW GO OUT & PURCHASE SOME COPIES OF THE SINGLE! & VOTE! For Sakiko! … Please? Ahaha.


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First thing I wanted to say was that I’m so sorry for not blogging a lot! I’ve recently finished my freshman year of college so that was fairly hectic, but uh, my home life isn’t doing so well & thus my extracurricular activities have suffered as a result. I’ll try hard from now on to blog more often, though!

So onward to what this post is all about! Sakiko’s new blog: Sakiiciao! You can find the blog here! Some kind person is translating the entries over at BLOG48, which can be found here. I’m so excited! Hopefully I’ll see a glimpse of one of my fan presents. Ohoho~

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