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Yes! That’s right! Sakiko is on the cover of a magazine called “Piano Style”. Thanks to a user on S48 I will be an owner of this magazine! (Thanks again Kata!) The magazine comes with a CD of piano performances & a score book. This is amazing news for Sakiko fans! Sakiko is finally getting the attention she deserves! Right?

If you’d like to purchase the magazine, you can find it here.


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Something has been added…

to Sakiko’s agency profile!! An official shop! Right now it only has three items, but it’s something! (All three of which I plan on getting for my upcoming birthday in March. Ohoho~)

I’m so happy! The more Sakiko products the better!

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If you’re on my blog, you most likely are aware of the game AKB48 is in– AKB48 1/48. If you’re not, here’s a little synopsis:

“AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara…” is a love simulation game like never before. All 48 members of AKB48 appear, and the concept is that you have to choose 1 and reject the other 47. The setting is that all of the members love you (the player), and you have to dodge all of their confessions and attempts to get with you, ending up with 1 girl. The game includes over 10,000 pictures of the girls, 80 minutes of video showing the girls confessing their love to you, and full voice during dialogue sequences.”

Thus, Sakiko is in this game. I have here some videos of her either in-game sequences or her behind the scenes! Enjoy! (I know I did!!)

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