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PENGIN Album Review

So my PENGIN album came today! & because I purchased the first press limited edition, it came with a Sakiko poster! I really tried to keep my expectations low, in regards to the poster, so that I wouldn’t be disappointed– but oh how I was wrong. It’s amazing! Here’s the poster:

You can’t really tell the size of it because of how I cropped the picture, but it’s pretty big! I’m so happy!

So I’ve decided to review the album. I honestly only bought it because of the MV with Sakiko, but… I’m pleasantly surprised. I really like the entire album! So without further ado!



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Chance no Junban

Sa-kisu shall be updated properly from now on! Again, I apologize, IRL has been kicking my butt lately. But I’m now good to go & Sa-kisu will finally be updated like it should be. Regularly!

Chance no Junban is AKB48’s 19th single & is dubbed the “janken” single, as it’s the single with the janken senbatsu. Yes. This means Sakiko!! Here’s the PV promo from AKB48’s official YouTube:

You can find Sakiko at: 0:06 & 0:10.

This single comes in three types: Type A, K & B. Each type has a team song. Type K has, obviously, Team K’s song. Their song is entitled “ALIVE” & is my favourite track off the entire single. Here’s the PV:

The only place I can find Sakiko at is 3:45. Well, you can see her in the dance shots, however, only with a close eye.

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Sakiko’s Birthday!

Sakiko’s 20th birthday was a few days ago! However, her birthday performance was on the 16th. The LOD can be found here via Youku. Once a torrent becomes available I’ll edit the entry! =D

The performance is amazing! There are a lot of cute Sakiko moments! & there’s plenty of Sakiko screen time. I was worried after seeing Kana’s birthday performance months back, because she barely had any screen time even though it was her birthday! But Sakiko’s birthday performance was filled with Sakiko. Haha.

A few cute things I found were:
-During AshiKiss: Ayarin & Sakiko have a cute moment
-During Hoshizora: Moeno & Sakiko have a cute moment
-During her birthday speech, she brings Haruu to the front & announces that it’s her birthday. Haruu looks really happy & self-conscious. But adorable. She also apologizes to Sakiko because it’s during Sakiko’s birthday celebration but Sakiko waves it off & they sing to her. Isn’t that adorable?! Sakiko is truly amazing & flawless.

Also, if you’re a MiSakiko fan, you’ll love the interactions they have. Misato is the one that announces it’s Sakiko’s birthday & basically conducts the celebration! The two are also the ones who are at the end of the LOD. I know I enjoyed them. OTP FOREVER!!

So what’re you waiting for?! GO WATCH!! 🙂

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Sakiko to star in PENGIN PV!

I know I’m a little slow to the uptake with updating Sa-kisu. I do apologize. However, I bring great news! The three-piece group “PENGIN” has selected Sakiko to star in their new PV. Their new single, “Yuri no Hanasaku Kou de” will be released on the first of December.

Sakiko is actually a fan of the PENGIN, so when the group stopped by the theater, it resulted in her starring their video. This will be her first time appearing in a music video that’s not for AKB48.

Sakiko said: “I’m a fan of PENGIN and their new song is good and I’ve heard it tens of hundreds of times! The fact that I’ll be in PENGIN’s music video, I’m just so happy! This is the first time I’ve been in a music video outside of AKB48’s, on the first scene the atmosphere was so completely different. AKB48’s music videos always have so many girl members around for the recording. It was confusing not having them around.”

The music video will come with the first press limited edition version of PENGIN’s second album, “PENGIN FAMILY.” Fans who purchase this version will also receive a PENGIN x Matsui Sakiko poster as a present.

Digital downloads through Chaku-Uta for the track will start on November 24th, and fans who buy the song that way also have a chance at a special gift. There will be a special secret live somewhere in Tokyo on December 14th, and fans who purchase the digital single will be entered into a lottery to win tickets to the event.

Naturally, I already preordered my copy of the album. ❤ I'm super excited. The PV is amazing. Obviously Sakiko is stunning & flawless throughout. Definitely worth the $35. Haha!

Source: Tokyohive

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