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The most gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful woman’s birthday is fast approaching! Sakiko’s 20th birthday is on December 10th! (exactly 3 months & 3 days before mine, oho~!) I was going to purchase her some jewelry from Tiffany’s but a bunch of things IRL have kept me from doing so. Unfortunately having a smaller budget than expected, I worked with what I could. I ultimately got her a shirt & scarf from my favourite store H&M! 😀

I apologize for the poor quality. It’s nerve-wracking shopping for your favourite idol. I was in the store for a good hour & a half just looking for a good shirt. I kept looking at one & then going all “Oh. She might not like it.” or “Ugh. What if it doesn’t fit?!” SO MANY THOUGHTS. I really hope she likes the shirt I picked out, though. I think she will! ♥ I’ll be shipping out the package on the 22nd.


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