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are no more! That’s right! Sakiko has officially been added to the Someday website. You can find the link right here!

This post is a day late, since I found out early yesterday morning, but I had to attend some classes & then went out afterward with my friend. (So that we could tell each other about our first week of university!) But thanks to the Someday management, yesterday has officially become the best day of my life. ❤

I have marked the 27th of August, 2010 on my calender. It will forever be known as Sakiko-Finally-Has-An-Agency day! I mean, it only took them a few months to get the profile up & everything.


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Sorry for the bad screenie, it’s the first I’ve ever taken using my mac. XD

I feel like an awful Sakiko fan because I’ve only watched a G-Rosso LOD (H2) now, but gosh, she’s so amazing throughout the stage. I love her dancing. ❤ & in Kioku no Dilemma. I'm bawling, no lie. I'm so happy. She owns it! She has Yuka's part so she's kind of like the second lead. She's amazing. Her vocals aren't the most amazing set in AKB but she knows how to work her voice!

I advise you all to download the torrent found here. (credit to IndigoSkies, of course!) It’ll change you’re life.

Or at least make you appreciate Sakiko a little more. I think.

… I hope. (^o^;

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