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So today someone uploaded the agency announcement videos on youtube. Naturally the pinnacle of the video was Sakiko’s turn. At around 1:44, Togasaki-san announces Sakiko’s name & then finally “SOMEDAY.” I have been ~bawling all day. I’m so happy. I mean, she’s not officially in the agency yet but… still. I’m super happy for her.

In other news, I sent a fan letter and present to Sakippe last week! The present was a cupcake plush I made for her. I have a picture of the cupcake on my camera, however my camera is at my friends house. I actually JUST slept over at her house last night but I forgot to grab it. Ahaha. But once I retrieve my camera I’ll post a picture of the cute cupcake. Unless, of course, Sakiko takes a picture with it first. |D That would kill me. No lie.

Also, sorry for the lack of blogging. I’m finally a high school graduate! However, the day after my graduation I spilled water on my macbook & it cost $821.45 to repair. That’s right. $821.45. But now it’s repaired and I have it back. So thus I shall blog again!

Soon to come: a K6 review. Shin K is taking over my fandom. It’s seriously my favourite team. I’m a complete shin K wota.


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